This blog thing…

Hello Hello friends, family and followers,

Welcome back to this dusty, mouldy blog that fell on its ass after one month of travelling. Honestly, I did try to keep up and I even had a few posts drafted and ready to go! But after we entered China we discovered that the great Chinese firewall stopped us doing much online and even with a VPN, connections to foreign websites weren’t great. On top of that, in our first three months we didn’t really stay in one place longer than 3 nights so we never found the time and hell, we were “on holiday mode” and didn’t feel like doing work!

And that’s kind of lasted until now, 10 months into our Travels and will probably continue.

But! If you are actually interested in following our travels you can check out our Polar Steps. This maps where we have been and with photos! Just click the photo below.

Cheers, Mike.

Our Travels with Polar Steps